Friday, July 15, 2011

Food, Glorious Food

To borrow the words of Oliver Twist in the musical Oliver, “Food, Glorious Food/ That’s all that we live for!” Food was definitely the major highlight of my day today, seeing as how I had the opportunity to dine at not one, but two great London restaurants.

Yummy bowl from Wagamama
The first was just two blocks away from the Study Center, discretely tucked away in the basement of a neighboring building around the corner. Wagamama is apparently a really popular Asian chain in the U.K., so I was excited to try it. I ordered orange-glazed chicken placed on a bed of white rice; as you can see from the pictures, even a quick and fairly cheap meal can get you beautiful plating. Not surprising, it was delicious! I left my plate clean in less than five minutes.

(Surprisingly) Cold beer at the
Marlborough Arms Pub
Yet dinner would not be a disappointment in comparison. Our group headed over to the Marlborough Arms Pub, a quintessentially British pub with thick, green carpet, heavy wood furniture, and 18th century sporting paintings along the walls. To keep up with the positively English surroundings, we all ordered fish and chips (with peas, of course!) and a pint of ale to wash it down—in other words, brilliant! We finished our meal with a hearty slice of apple pie covered in gooey, warm custard.  

Feel free to salivate J

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