Wednesday, July 27, 2011

A Guide to Paddington Bear in London

I must admit, I didn't know that much about Paddington Bear before my visit to London. All I knew was that he was a bear who wore funny clothes. But one night, while desperately trying to fall asleep, I picked up one of our textbooks for our class, Once upon a time in Great Britain: A Travel guide to the sights and sounds of your favorite children’s stories. The short chapter on Paddington told his basic story, as well as the major places associated with him in London. There are actually quite a lot of places featured in his stories, and those places still pay homage to the bear from darkest Peru (I love that line!).

And so, in an effort to tie in my work here with my actual job (organizing Library time for preschoolers), I present to you a digital story about Paddington Bear.


  1. I liked that little tid bit at the end about the clearly superior British bear. Did you get the inspiration to toss that in from the debate (not even sure I can call it that) we had? This is a great digital story Jackie. I like that you took photos of Paddington Bear throughout London. lol

    PS: For some reason I keep posting comments and they keep getting deleted or something...weird. Your blog doesn't like me. :(

  2. I totally got the inspiration from our convo on fb, so thank you! And thank you for watching my digital story :)