Wednesday, July 13, 2011

An Unintentional Ad for FSU Study Abroad

Thinking about my previous post, I realize I didn’t explain what I would be studying while in Europe. FSU’s Graduate School of Information Science (not the official title, but close enough for now) offers what is called the London Multimedia Program every summer- you spend three weeks learning about Web 2.0 programs and how they can be incorporated into a library setting, with one of the coolest cities in the world as your classroom. Add to that side trips to Oxford and Paris, and honestly who can complain! 

At least Pigeon is ready for this trip
And so several months have passed since I signed up for the classes, and its already time for me to go. I’m sitting at my desk, most of my things packed away into my large, red, formidable suitcase. I have checked off everything on my “To Pack” list, and now I’m just waiting. God knows I’m ready in the physical sense, but am I ready mentally? Well, maybe not for the plane ride (i. e. jetlag L), but I would consider myself positively, absolutely ready for something different… I think I'm ready for an adventure.

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