Friday, July 22, 2011

The Mystery of Shakespeare

Image thanks to tonynetone @ Flickr
William Shakespeare-- we've all read at least one of his plays, and if we're lucky we may have seen one of them acted out on a stage. But can you name a play by any one of his contemporaries? Can you even name one of his contemporaries? Is Shakespeare so iconic because he was truly the best playwright of his era, or is there another reason for his ever-increasing popularity? It's almost an impossible question , but with a little help from a nearby FSU professor, I try to answer it in my podcast, created as an assignment for my London Multimedia class.

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  1. i enjoy reading each story of your day's event. it is too much info, hope you are keeping notes. miss u. FYI we are doing fine. luv mom

  2. I got two I can rattle off the top of my head, Christopher Marlowe (who some say may have faked his own death and began writing under the name of William Shakespeare, but of course academics disregard this theory) and Sir Walter Raleigh who is an amazing poet. Great podcast by the way! It sounds so professional. When I first began to play it I felt like I was listening to NPR, lol. You're going to have to teach me to make one when you get back. I've always wanted to start my own podcast.