Tuesday, July 19, 2011

One Year, One Week, and One More Day...

This is the studio behind Lock, Stock, & Two Smoking Barrels,
and the UK's first season of Big Brother 
I think it’s very fitting that we toured the Olympic Village today, seeing as how we are exactly one year, one week, and one day away from the 2012 Summer Olympics (this means they begin July 27, 2012). None of us had any idea what to expect from our tour; not even our teacher was sure of what our Blue Guide would show us. But I think by the end of the tour, we were all thoroughly impressed with what has been accomplished so far at the Olympic Village.

The Olympic Orbit
A big theme of the London Summer Olympics is renovation and renewal. Though the Olympic Village is very close to the center of London (it only took us 15 minutes to get there), it is a rather neglected part of the city. The borough of Newham seems to be a blue-collar industrial neighborhood. Though there were some picturesque areas, particularly the Three Mills Island (home to the 3 Mills Studios), the majority of the area definitely needs a facelift, which it will get soon enough with the Olympics. Vast plans are underway to revitalize the area with brand new housing and apartments, renovated park facilities, a cleaner river, and the like.  Our Blue Guide was quick to point out that without the added attention an Olympic Stadium brings, Newham would most likely never have been able to gather enough money for the restoration it so desperately needed. East London was an area that most tourists never wanted to visit, and now the Olympic Village is giving the area a second chance.

In front of the Olympic Stadium
The village is definitely still a construction site; most of the tourists are herded onto a small looking deck with a helpful map of the Village, and a small café. Nevertheless, it is an impressive site to behold. From our vantage point we could see the Stadium, the Orbit (a magnificent red-colored steel tower), the Aquatic Center, and the housing facilities for the athletes. The overall structure for most of the buildings is already in set; all that is left are the “trimmings,” shall we say.

Seeing it all in front of me is getting me very excited for next summer. I must admit, I have always been a bigger fan of the Winter Olympics (yay figure skating!), but I have a feeling this may change some summer of 2012 J

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  1. I think you and I are the only two people who love the winter olympics. Additionally that is awesome that you got to see the Olympic stadium. I was going to try and go to Glastonbury (the largest music festival in the world) next year with Harris but it was cancelled due to the Olympics being held there and there apparently wouldn't be enough police or space for all the people both would attract, so that got nixed. It's looking like were planning on "T In The Park" in Scottland. Next best thing apparently. Glad to see you're having so much fun and getting such an enriching experience! :D